Single Event

Single Event

2 Mar

Radish FARM SUMMER FESTIVAL is an amazing event for the whole family, which will be long remembered. We guarantee you great fun in the rhythm of music cuntry. We remind you that on the festival entry is for free.

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Throughout the festival there will be contests with prizes for both children and adult participants. In among the prizes will be such things as a new tractor, a trip for the whole family to Italy and a new Mustang. During the festival we will hear artists such as The Stone, Rojed Rocket MX and 49cent Rocket.

For people who temporarily will want a break from the music we also have attractions related to the same farm. During the festival it will be possible poisons riding, taking part in a race of sheep or even ridden a bull. Persons calmer enjoy a tour of the farm or the big grilling or even tasting the honey straight from the hive.

We hope that you will not miss there. Remember not we start without you!


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